Little Sparkles is a family owned, wellness themed brand, based in San Diego, CA, USA. With over 25 years of fine jewelry experience.

Our fantastic B2B Sparkles Boxes adds significant value to Luxury Hotels, Resort Spa’s, All Spas and Fashion Boutiques.



Most ‘impulse purchase’ jewelry is made from brasses that contain zinc & nickel, poisonous irritants that commonly upsets skin.Brass can also turn you greenish and is a sensitizer in many people causing rashes, irritation, and staining.

Little Sparkles jewelry is made from Sterling Silver and is considered hypoallergenic for most people. No harmful alloys, metals or ingredients. Also, an organic lacquer is always applied that adds durability, increased luster, and Sparkle!

We craft elegant designs for informed, empowered women. We enjoy working in partnership with people who are vibrant and energetic. We appreciate their support and remain grateful for their loyalty to our brand.

Mike & Ollie