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Dazzling Pave Wide Bands

Little Sparkles private jewelry showing is now on! Join us for Jewelry & Wine!

Dazzling Pave Wide BandsToday we have received an email from Marge (our customer), which I would like to share with you:
Hello, I am interested in a specific ring. R19572. I will be in San Diego Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. I realize you don’t have a store front, but I have been waiting since your first appearance at Sugar Plum Festival to buy this ring. Please contact me so that I can proceed.

Curios which ring Marge is interested in? It’s one of these dazzling pave wide band beauties. Check it out.

Now we do offer private jewelry showing by appointment in Sorrento Valley location in San Diego. If you would like to stop by to view the “Little Sparkles” jewelry collections, and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with us, we would love to hear from you! Contact Olga at 866-846-9662 to book your viewing. Of course, you are welcome to bring your friends with, and make it a fun jewelry & wine event!

Layered Rings, Stackable Bands

Jewelry Trend For Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Bands Trio with SparklesJewelry stacking trend is moving to the fingers in the coming season. To wear the trend, stack them on a single finger or have a full-loaded hand party! Your stacking bands or layered rings don’t have to be all similar. Instead, feel free to play with different metals (like wear rose and yellow gold together with silver), colors and shapes to create a unique story!

Aquamarine, the Stone of Courage

Aquamarine Sparkles Ring

Aquamarine Sparkles Ring, $84

Aquamarine opens your awareness to the inner ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Got a job interview or an important meeting with clients? Known as the stone of Courage, Communication and Tranquility, Aquamarine will help you feel stronger and more relaxed at the same time.

Zales Diamond Frame Bridal Set in 14K White Gold, $6,499.99

Should you take your diamond jewelry on vacation or not?

Halo Sparkles Ring and Band Set

Little Sparkles Halo Sparkles Ring and Band Set, $79

Should you take your diamond jewelry on vacation or not? If you are like me, you do not want to worry about your rings, you want to enjoy yourself. Modern women are active, and we like to swim, snorkel, zip line, dance and explore! “Leave your diamonds at home, they don’t need a vacation,” experts say. Nothing ruins a vacation or honeymoon more than losing a sentimental piece of jewelry or a new engagement or wedding ring… and it happens more often than people realize.

Zales Diamond Frame Bridal Set in 14K White Gold, $6,499.99

Zales Diamond Frame Bridal Set in 14K White Gold, $6,499.99

If you still want to feel dressed up and wear bling, make “Little Sparkles” Diamonite jewelry a part of your next adventure. Whether it be a European holiday, a trip in South Africa or a cruise to some exotic island in Indonesia, stay safe and worry free (that’s when you have most of fun!).

Browse our “Brilliance” and “La Lune” collections to find beautiful Diamonite and semi-precious colored gemstone jewelry to complement your wardrobe.

Mesmeric Earrings Collection from Little Sparkles

“Mesmeric” Earrings Collection is now available online!

Mesmeric Earrings Collection from Little SparklesIt’s been less than a month since we received “Mesmeric” Earrings Collection in the “Little Sparkles” Home in San Diego, California. We have introduced this line at a couple of events in May, and were very happy to get a fantastic feedback from our customers. “Mesmeric” Earrings Collection from “Little Sparkles” is now available for our online shoppers on our website!

Indulge yourself in a carefree summer style with these chic lightweight earrings! Sumptuous Sterling Silver or plated with Rose gold, inspired by coral summer sunsets, or Yellow gold, like golden sand dunes and splashes of warm ocean waves. Precious metals, hammered textures and smooth lines give these earrings a unique, modern panache’.

Designed for comfort, “Mesmeric” earrings are protected with an organic, hypoallergenic layer, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Light weight and stylish, it feels like you are wearing a breath of fresh air. A perfect “everyday chic” accessories option and a joy to wear!
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