Celebrating our partner’s new store opening!

On Saturday, May 25th, Little Sparkles team went to a Grand Opening party of Bubbles Too, a new boutique in Little Italy (San Diego) opened by Gayleen, the owner of Bubbles Boutique, and her partner Lisa. Bubbles Boutique has its special place in our hearts. We originally met Gayleen in Little Italy at an art festival a few years ago. Her Bubbles Boutique, which is highly sought after by fashionistas, became one of the first distributors for Little Sparkles jewelry. And now they opened a new store right where we first met! Little Sparkles is a part of the new boutique, too. So excited to celebrate our partners’ success! Here’s to “Bubbles Too” boutique!

Little Sparkles at Bubbles Too Opening Party

Bubbles Opening-Little Sparkles display