“Mesmeric” Earrings Collection is now available online!

Mesmeric Earrings Collection from Little SparklesIt’s been less than a month since we received “Mesmeric” Earrings Collection in the “Little Sparkles” Home in San Diego, California. We have introduced this line at a couple of events in May, and were very happy to get a fantastic feedback from our customers. “Mesmeric” Earrings Collection from “Little Sparkles” is now available for our online shoppers on our website!

Indulge yourself in a carefree summer style with these chic lightweight earrings! Sumptuous Sterling Silver or plated with Rose gold, inspired by coral summer sunsets, or Yellow gold, like golden sand dunes and splashes of warm ocean waves. Precious metals, hammered textures and smooth lines give these earrings a unique, modern panache’.

Designed for comfort, “Mesmeric” earrings are protected with an organic, hypoallergenic layer, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Light weight and stylish, it feels like you are wearing a breath of fresh air. A perfect “everyday chic” accessories option and a joy to wear!
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