Meeting Nevah at Encinitas Oktoberfest

Little Sparkles Jewelry BoothOn sunny Sunday afternoon at Encinitas Octoberfest beautiful Nevah came to our booth on her way to the Tupperware shop. “You don’t have to,” she said when we offered her a discount on a pair of silver/black rhodium earrings with hematite that looked very charming on her.

Nevah means “snow” in Spanish and Latin. The snow protects the Earth in winter time and melts away in spring time, so a new life can come out. Nevah spelled backwards is Haven, a place of safety or sanctuary. Also, the Neva River is an essential part of St. Petersburg’s (Russia) world-famous charm. What a beautiful and rare name!

Nevah, a mother of three girls, lived in Japan for a year and adopted a Korean girl. We’re looking forward to meeting you again, Nevah!

Next time bring your daughters, we can invite a makeup artist and do a little fashion jewelry show for you and them!