Rhodium Plating

Rhodium Plating means tarnish resistant sterling silver jewelry that is comfortable to wear even on very sensitive skin.

We Rhodium plate over the highest quality Sterling Silver. This process is called electroplating and it leaves a protective coating which makes the ring more attractive and reflective.

Rhodium is a rare and expensive precious metal that belongs to the Platinum group of metals. It’s almost twice the price of Platinum and three to four times the cost of Gold.

Often white gold is rhodium plated to enhance the reflectivity of the ring and make the diamonds look more brilliant.

Because Rhodium is a “noble metal” and inert, it withstands corrosion and makes jewelry more durable. It’s like a protective second skin that adds a durable, luxurious sparkly white finish to jewelry.

Hypoallergenic (suitable even for the most sensitive skin), tarnish & scratch resistant.